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Lombard Street - The Crookedest street in San Francisco and the World

San Francisco, California is quite well known for many things. The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the unique cable cars, their Fisherman’s Wharf and their museums are just some of the most popular places to visit in the San Francisco area. However, in addition to these places, one iconic landmark in the area is truly quite a sight to see, called the Lombard street. Renowned as the “crookedest” street in the world, the Lombard street is a must see when you visit the San Francisco area.

While that title is not really official, locals have given this unique street this amusing name because of the appearance and layout of the road. The reason why the street is so unique is that because vehicles who travel through the road is treated to 8 sharp turns that zig zag down the length of the street. In addition, the road is on a steep incline which makes traversing the area much more entertaining.

Many have said that a drive through Lombard Street is like a very slow joy ride or road trip. As you start from the very top, you are treated to an amazing view of the area. Every turn you make, you are surrounded by beautiful Victorian style homes and lush greenery full of flora and fauna. One thing to consider is that there are many tourists who would also like to drive down Lombard Street. So make sure to come early to minimize waiting in line for a while.

There are different ways of enjoying what Lombard Street has to offer. Another popular way of going down the road is by simply walking. Walking will give you more time to enjoy all the sceneries and the greenery. In addition, you can also start taking photographs of everything you’ve seen so that you can take more than just memories back home with you. The best spot to capture the twists and turns of the street is at Leavenworth area.

The Lombard street has become so popular that it was even referenced and made use of in movies, television shows and even featured in video games. Sometimes, it gets so crowded and full of vehicles and tourists that it can take hours before you can actually have a turn and go down the street. However, there are many food establishments in the area which are easily accessible.

Lombard Street is a free attraction in San Francisco, California that is a must for any itinerary when it’s your first time to visit. Just remember that you need to go there early to avoid the tourist rush. A good tip is to stay at a hotel that’s centrally located and will make going to San Francisco’s different tourist spots a lot more convenient. A good example is the San Francisco Inn. They are located right in the center of the city, but they can still provide relaxing accommodation that does not break the bank. When you visit San Francisco, remember to see all of the must see spots and book your stay at San Francisco Inn.

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