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A Special Structure in San Francisco - The Palace of Fine Arts

San Francisco, California is quite popular with tourists because of the many attractions and amazing views that the consolidated city-county has to offer. Chief among them are physical structures and must visit and see places that include the all famous Golden Gate Bridge, the haunting Alcatraz Island, the iconic cable cars, the diverse Chinatown area, the historic Marina district and even the quirky winding road of Lombard Street. There is definitely a lot to see in San Francisco, but there is one spot that you should try not to leave out when sightseeing. A visit to the Palace of Fine Arts is truly a plus in any tour itinerary.

Built in the year 1915, the Palace of Fine Arts was initially established as part of the Panama-Pacific Exhibition. The objective was to display all the different works of art during that time. Located in the Marina District, the Palace of Fine Arts is an impressive structure which features different Roman and Green architecture inspirations. With its age, the Palace has suffered through many events including the World War II where it served as a storage area for military equipment and vehicles and it served many other purposes after that period in history. Since it was initially constructed as a sort of temporary structure to hold art exhibits, by the year 1964, it was torn down and built again with more durable materials. Today, the theatre itself can seat over 950 people and can be used for a multitude of different events. There were also several other buildings constructed around the Marina which were also part of the exhibit. Unfortunately, after the demolition, only the Palace remains standing to this day.

After its restoration, the Palace of Fine Arts once again serves its original purpose of housing art exhibits, different cultural events and performances, and it even serves as a popular location to host wedding parties and wedding photography. Even today, the Palace has numerous different bookings and scheduled events like performance arts, concerts and many more. This is just shows how well-loved and aesthetically pleasing the whole structure is. In addition, the Palace is considered to be one of the most popular must visit places in the whole of San Francisco, California. As a matter of fact, the Palace has been used by several TV shows and movie productions as part of their backdrop or scene locations.

San Francisco is truly blessed with a rich history, diverse culture and some of the best people in the United States. This is why tourists are quite found of the area and there is never a shortage of places to go and things to see. As a tourist, it is important that you stay at a central location, one that is close to as many San Francisco, California attractions as possible. The San Francisco Inn understands this types of concerns which is why the hotel is located within minutes from the commercial areas, museums and other historical landmarks. If you are still looking for a hotel in San Francisco, California, make sure to book with San Francisco Inn and add the Palace of Fine Arts to your schedule of places to visit immediately.

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