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Top 5 Things to Do in San Francisco

San Francisco, California has been one of the must visit places in all of the United States. The beautiful mild weather, the upbeat atmosphere and many amazing attractions make San Francisco a great destination for any tourists, especially first timers who plan to visit the area. If you want to make the most of your time in San Francisco but not yet sure on where to go or what to do, here are our suggestions of the top things to do and visit in San Francisco.
1) Go for a bike ride and visit the Golden Gate Bridge
A great way of getting around San Francisco is by renting out a bike. Simply take the National Park Bike path and you’ll be led to the bridge. Ride your bike through the length of the bridge and you’ll be treated to the most amazing views, see plenty of people. This experience is one of a kind and is absolutely amazing. Nothing says exhilarating than enjoying the sunny weather, the wind in your face and the beauty of the world around you. 
2) Ride the San Francisco Trolley
One of the unique features of San Francisco, the trolley cars are an affordable way of getting around historic locations and commercial areas of the city. Currently, there are three routes that these cable cars will normally take - The Powell-Mason line, the Powell-Hyde line and the California Street line. Just taking a ride in any of these trolleys will give any visitor a simple yet leisurely tour of all the wonderful hot spots, architecture and commercial areas of the city.
3) Explore the Exploratorium with the Family
The San Francisco Exploratorium was opened in 1969 and is one of the top attractions of this beautiful city. This museum houses many different exhibits that not only helps you learn new things, but also have fun in the process. From Anatomy, Space, Geology, down to Optical Illusions and Food Science, the Exploratorium is truly an entertaining time for both kids and adults.
4) Watch a Game at the AT&T Park
If you’re in San Francisco during baseball season, make sure to buy tickets to at least one game at the AT&T Park. Dubbed as one of the best ball parks in the whole of America, AT&T Park is well maintained and features modern facilities. And did we mention that the park also features delicious game food treats? A must try definitely while in San Francisco.
5) Take a tour of Alcatraz
One of the most infamous prisons in the early 90’s and once housed some of the worst criminals in the area’s history. Nowadays, it has long been abandoned and is now a tourist attraction where people can visit and learn about the former prison’s history. Alcatraz is actually an island located within the San Francisco bay so visitors need to take a ferry to go to the island. This is a special side trip that tourists can take to learn more about the rich history of San Francisco.
There are so much more to do and see in San Francisco which is equally as interesting and entertaining as those in this list. If you are visiting the city for a couple of days, accommodations like San Francisco Inn are perfect for tourists because of its location to many of the city’s main attractions. Their staff are also more than happy to provide tips and guides to the top things to do in San Francisco.
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