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Affordable and Unique SF Valentine’s Day Dates

It’s always a struggle for most couples to have a perfect Valentine’s Day date coz whether we like it or not, there will always be instance when some things don’t go as originally planned. Moreover, there are so many ways to celebrate Valentine’s without breaking the bank or in a more peculiar but romantic way. Here are some of the best Valentine’s Day dates in SF plus some tips and tricks on how to make them memorable. 
1. Look for a food challenge around town 

There’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day together than having a sumptuous meal. Moreover, putting a twist to it will definitely make your date exciting and memorable. Look for a restaurant that will bring out the competitive side in you. Restaurants usually have food challenge for the customers. You can either compete with each other or someone will serve as the cheerer. Some of the shops that offer food challenge are Bob’s Donut with their Big Donut Challenge, Adam’s Grub Truck with their Ultimate Adam Bomb Sandwich and the Bruce’s Challenge by the American Sushi House. 
2. Take a trip to Glen Canyon Hike 

Expect that most couples flock fancy restaurants or theme parks every Valentine’s Day. They have become a default destination every heart’s day. However, there is a unique way to celebrate this day — more romantic and more attached with nature. Glen Canyon Park Recreation Center is a perfect getaway for couple looking for a place to relax and be away from the toxic city life for a while. You can hike together as this has extensive hiking trails that lead to different habitat. You will be surprised by how diverse the wildlife is here. 
3. Attend a Pre-Valentine’s Arcade Party 

Bring out the kid in you and play against each other through an arcade party. You will both love the different games and attractions. It’s basically a new and interesting way to celebrate V-day. Play with other couples. Meet new people, mingle and have a good time. 
4. Have a perfect movie date at Mechanic Institute Library 

Netflix and chill is so common nowadays. It enables couples to enjoy movies and series at the comfort of their own home. Why don’t you both elevate your movie experience? Watch a movie together!  Located at the Financial District of San Francisco, Mechanic Institute Library is not only a favorite place to read good books but also to play chess. Yearly, Mechanic Institute Library organizes a Cinemalit series for movie lovers and library goers alike. This year, three films will be shown on the following dates: January 11, 18 and 25. This can be a fun and unconventional way of spending your holiday with your partner. 
5. Be one with nature at Muir Woods  

Create beautiful memories together while you stroll the Muir Woods through their guided tours. The massive flora and fauna will mesmerize you as you walk the mostly flat and sometimes rough terrains of the Muir Woods. Ready yourself to be greeted by the rays of the sun as it touch the old redwoods. This Valentine’s Day idea is perfect for the adventurous type not only for couples who love to try new things other than the usual Valentine’s date. 
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