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Best Places to Buy Souvenirs in San Francisco

There are undoubtedly a limitless number of tourist destinations in San Francisco that locals and foreigners alike always visit. Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, Chinatown district are only a few to mention. And of course the crowd drawer and the jewel of the city, the Golden Gate Bridge. Visiting these gems wouldn’t be complete without having a stopover at some of the local souvenir shops.  Whether you are looking for some cheap goodies or expensive stuff, these San Francisco souvenir shops sure are a worthy place to check out.
 1. San Francisco Essentials

This souvenir shop sells an assortment of products like shirts, ref magnets, jewelry, bags, scarves and even to-go junk foods. There are also other amazing souvenir items to choose from. It is basically a one-stop-shop since it offers probably most of the essentials that you would need for your travel. San Francisco Essentials is open from 7am to 10PM daily, all days of the week. Visit them at
2. The Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center 

This shop does not only provide orientation and information services and houses exhibits, it also offers high-quality commemorative and interpretive merchandise. The place is the right place to start your visit to the Golden Gate Bridge. You will learn so many good stories about its rich history. Surely, souvenir items are expensive and are overpriced, but that shouldn’t stop you from learning valuable things about the famous bridge. Go and try The Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center for some good photos, amazing learnings, and good quality souvenirs. Visit them at Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA.
3. San Francisco Mercantile

For high-quality and affordable San Francisco items and souvenirs, San Francisco Mercantile is a perfect go-to shop when in San Francisco. Their products celebrate the vibrant and diverse culture that is unique to California. What sets it apart from other souvenir and gift shops is that most of its items are made by its local artists. Locals and tourists flock the place to buy good stuff like mugs, bags, shirts, kid’s stuff and books, perfect souvenir for your family and friends waiting for you back home. San Francisco Mercantile is open from 11am to 7pm daily.  Visit them at 1696 Haight St San Francisco, CA 94117 b/t Cole St & Belvedere St The Haight. Call them at (415) 757-0677