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DIY Spring Fashion Ideas and Spring Fashion Events in the Bay Area

Warmer weather is just around the corner. Make sure you are spring ready. So start buying spring outfits and accessories and be sure you keep up with the spring fashion. Here are some spring fashion ideas for you to try.
1. DIY Polka Dot Flats 
       Here’s the thing here, buying new shoes is not economical, it means spending a few bucks which could’ve been spent for some other things that you might need. To be in fashion doesn't mean spending on things that aren’t necessary. Why not look for plain old shoes in your shoe rack and give it a facelift? You will only need paint, a color of your choice, and have it designed with polka dots. You can first draw a pattern using a pen or pencil before painting it. Let it dry for a few minutes. It’s that easy. No need to buy new ones as this will have a brand new feel and look.
2. DIY Painted wood bangle bracelet 

        In making a fashion bracelet, you will only need a plain wooden bangle, craft paint, and a paintbrush. The first thing that you need to do is paint the wooden bracelet with any paint color of your choice. It can be messy, but you’ll definitely enjoy this activity so you’ll forget how dirty you can get. Finally, design it the way you like it using different color. You can go for shapes and patterns in different styles and sizes.  
3. DIY Floral Headbands 
        Add a little summer feels to your old-fashioned headband. You can actually make a plain and boring one into a more fashionable headpiece. Being in with fashion doesn’t mean being big spender. Sometimes, the things that you need can only be found inside your house. In making a floral headband, you will need fake flowers, glue gun and your old headband. Begin this activity by cutting off the end of the fake flower such that it will look flat. Next, using the glue gun, put a glue on the part of the headband where you want to put the flower. And that’s it!  You can also add small flowers or leaves around the headband so that it will have a more fashionable look. 
4. Glittery Sunglasses 
        Get that old sunglasses out of your closet and give it a new look by making it spring fashion ready. You will only need super glue, brush, glitters and of course your old pair of sunglasses. The first thing that you do is remove the glasses from the frame by unscrewing it. Note that most sunglasses can be unscrewed. Pour the glitters in a container. Start coating the sunglasses with glue. Next is pour the glitters over the sunglasses until it’s evenly covered with glitters. Let it dry for a few minutes. 
5. DIY tank top 

         First, you will need a plain colored tank top. It doesn’t have to be new, but you can always buy cheap ones in the department store. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it only needs to be comfortable. Let’s start transforming your boring plain shirt into a fashionable one. You will need neon paints of different colors, a brush and your shirt and a masking tape. First is you stick the tape on your shirt, you can make different shapes and patterns using the tape or use your imagination to form lines and designs. This will serve as your pattern. Next is paint the part of the tank top where you put the tape. Let it dry for a few minutes. Remove the tape afterwards and see how you have transformed your boring tank top into a more fashionable one. 
Below are the Spring Fashion events in Bay Area 2018 you shouldn't miss.

1. Sustainable Fashion Week: Fashion Conference 
    When: March 15, 2018 5pm-9pm PDT
    Venue: Macy’s Fashion Incubator 50 O’ Farrell St. San Francisco California 94108 
2. Vintage Fashion Expo 
    When: March 17, 2018 10:30am 
                March 18, 2018 5pm
    Venue: 1199 Ave San Francisco, California 94122
    Ticket price: $5 - $ 25
3. Fashion Community Week: Exclusive Designs and Prêt-a Porter  
    When: March 17, 2018 6pm
                March 18, 2018 10am PDT
   Venue: The Clift Hotel, 495 Geary Street San Francisco, California 94102
   Ticket Price: $32.5 - $200
4. Fashion Community Week: International Fashion Showroom and Couture 
     When: March 16, 2018 5pm
                 March 17, 2018 1am PDT
     Venue: The Olympic Club, 524 Post St. San Francisco California 
     Ticket Price: $65- $200
5. #Fashtech2018: Geek Style Runway Show and Opening reception 
     When: March 23, 2018 6-9pm PDT
      Venue: The Vault 415 Jackson St. San Francisco California 94111
     Ticket Price: $20-$30 
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