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Why Every Backpacker Must Experience the Aquarium of the Bay

Most backpackers have a long list of target destinations to visit all year round. They usually travel alone or in small groups with the backpack packed with all the things that they need for the trip. They have a fairly strict budget allocation for transportation, lodging, food and entrance fees for parks, museums they will visit. 
Backpackers around California and nearby areas should try Aquarium of the Bay. Here are a few of the reasons why you should experience Aquarium by the Bay. 
1. Aquarium of the Bay houses thousands of marine life from the ones that you normally see in aquariums to the rarest water creatures.
2. Aquarium of the Bay does not only boast its array of animal collections, it also has a walk-through tunnel exhibits wherein you get the chance to have an up close and personal look at the aquatic creatures. 
3. Whether you are a nature lover or just going there to see the sights and beauty of the place, Aquarium of the Bay gives every guest an opportunity to learn many things like the important issues concerning the environment. 
4. Taking a tour at the Aquarium of the Bay is not only for leisure, but it definitely gives you valuable lessons about climate change, plastic pollution in the ocean and habitat loss. 
5. Aquarium of the Bay does not only aim to showcase the beauty of the marine life, it also connects the guests to the environment or the natural habitat of the animals. It wants its guests to be inspired to conserve the marine life after each visit.  

Visit Aquarium of the Bay at Pier 39 the Embarcadero & Beach St. San Francisco, CA for tickets and reservations visit their website at or you can reach them at this number (415) 623 5300.

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