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The Golden Gate Park and Recreation Area Something for Everyone

Definitely one of the most popular attractions and one of the most photographed sites in San Francisco, California, is the Golden Gate Bridge. This iconic symbol of the beautiful city is a majestic suspension bridge, colored a rich red hue and spans 4,200 feet. There is no doubt about how beautiful and special this bridge is, which is why every year, thousands of tourists would visit the site and take photos of the bridge.

Nearby the Golden Gate Bridge is also a very popular destination. It’s so popular in fact that, it is one of the most visited parks in the whole of the United States. The Golden Gate Park is a massive, 1,017-acre park consisting of flora, fauna and more than a handful of major attractions and sites. Often being compared to the Central Park in New York, The Golden Gate Park was established in the 1870s and features many different attractions that caters to everybody, both locals and tourists alike.

For music aficionados, the Music Concourse is the location of many different concerts and performances in San Francisco. It is oval shaped and sunken making it a truly unique looking space. The Music Concourse is surrounded by other attractions in the Golden Gate Park like the De Young Museum of fine arts, the California Academy of Sciences which is the most environment friendly museum in the world. The Academy of Sciences also includes the Steinhart Aquarium and the Morrison Planetarium.

Just want to relax and meditate for a few minutes? You can visit the Japanese Tea Garden in the park. This is the oldest Japanese garden in the country and is also one of the most serene and picturesque. Sip some tea while relaxing within the flawless integration of manmade sculptures and walkways and the trimmed trees and plant life. After your visit to the garden, why not try the Conservatory of Flowers where visitors are treated to an array of exotic plants and flowers

Spreckels Lakes is always an interesting place to visit because you will often find model boaters test out their boats and enjoy this reservoir built especially for their use. You’ll also see groups practicing T’ai chi in this area and there are even those who fly model airplanes once in a while.

For those seeking some physical activities, there’s Kezar Stadium which can be used for activities like soccer, lacrosse, track and field and even football.

Other attractions in the Golden Gate Park include the Windmills, the Bison Paddock, and Beach area and the Memorial Grove. There is definitely so much to see in Golden Gate Park, and is a must visit for any tourists and out of town visitors. Hotel accommodations like the San Francisco Inn are ideal for tourists because of its affordability, convenient location and facilities.

The Golden Gate Park is a great spot for families, couples and groups of friends. Even though you may have different likes and prefer different activities, for sure there is something for everyone in Golden Gate Park.