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How to Camp in the Bay Area: Tips for Newbies to Pro Backpackers

The Bay Area is so blessed to have plenty of camping sites. It’s just as fortunate as its people especially those who love camping as it wouldn’t be hard for them to find the best camping spot.
You have many options. The only problem is how you would prepare for your first, or probably, your nth time to camp. Here are a few tips for newbies and professional backpackers.
1. Camp on an ordinary day 

Have you ever tried camping on a holiday and all you got is headache because of the influx of people camping? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to experience this again. Camping is best when the place is not too crowded and you only share the stars above you with a few people.
2. Always check the weather 

Don’t let the rain ruin your camping. For the first time campers, the very least thing that you would want to happen is packing up your tent and consuming your food early just because of the bad weather. Always be on the lookout for weather changes for the entire week. You can use your weather mobile app for that. If you think it’s gonna rain, then start rescheduling your camping.
3. Know the Do’s and Don’ts and the What’s and the How’s of camping 

When you go camping, bear in mind some of the important things that you need to know like the parking availability, the restroom condition, if there is any, the wildlife, and the mobile signal etc.
4. Put all your things handy in one place 

Pack your emergency lamps, mobile phone chargers, power banks, batteries, food supplies, emergency kit, sunscreen and insect repellants and put them all in one place.
5. Be a responsible camper 

You already know the drill, this goes true whenever you are in a travel trip. Do not leave your trash in the camp site. This is to protect the environment and of course as a courtesy to the future campers 

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