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Illuminate SF 2018: What you need to know about the World’s Largest Light Art Installation

Who would have thought that the plain-lighted San Francisco Bay Bridge can turn into an amazing breathtaking work of art? Thanks to the brainchild of The Bay Lights, Leo Villareal, an American artist, together with the bright minds of Illuminate. With their combined efforts, they have turned this top tourist landmark into a spectacular world-class creation.
The Bay Lights was made possible with 25,000 LED lights, where in each has its own IP address that works with the other, thus creating patterns. 
The San Francisco Bay Bridge started lighting up the dark skies in March 2013, since then, it has slowly attracting tourists just to see this marvel. Not until the year 2015 when the artwork was uninstalled to give way to the rehabilitation and maintenance of the bridge. However, when it again opened its doors to the public in late January 2016, its relighting was accepted and welcomed by many. Today, The Bay Lights continues to leave everyone in astonishment and amazement.
The San Francisco Bay Bridge during daytime is already a sight to behold, but try seeing it at night time - it’s definitely a league of its own especially when the lights are glistening and dancing in rhythmic patterns. The best part of it all is anyone can get a glimpse of The Bay Lights’ beauty from nearly any part of the Bay for free. 
Catch The Bay Lights shines the brightest daily and be impressed with this iconic masterpiece. Don’t just visualize it, visit San Francisco and see with your very eyes and experience the magic and the beauty of the Bay Lights. Are you a first time visitor in San Francisco Bay Bridge? Here are the things that you need to know before you go.
1. Get the best view from Embarcadero and from many hotels and restaurants in downtown San Francisco. 
2. Pack your dinner, bring your chairs, enjoy the view and have a romantic dinner with the whole family near the Bay Light all for free.
3. Don’t forget to wrap up when visiting The Bay Light at night as it can get really cold during night time. 
4. If you are caught in a terrible traffic in San Francisco Bay Bridge, which is a normal daily situation, just enjoy the light show and you will forget the how terrible the road congestion is. 
5. First time visitors need to bring their cameras to get a snapshot of this architectural masterpiece. 
6. Enjoy the light show from dusk till dawn. 

Excited to see the World’s Largest Light Art Installation? San Francisco Bay Bridge is only 6.3 miles away or a merely 8-minute drive to San Francisco Inn. Book your stay with us through our website here or call (415) 431-5131
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