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Insider's Scoop: Secret Sights of San Francisco Only Locals Know About

Embarking on a journey to San Francisco promises an unforgettable experience, as this city is renowned worldwide for its unparalleled beauty and occasional eccentricity. Beyond the well-known attractions, hidden gems lie tucked away in the city's steep streets, known only to the locals – until now. Here's an insider's scoop on unique places to add to your San Francisco itinerary.

1.Wave Organ (via broke tourist)

A marvel in San Francisco, the Wave Organ is situated at the tip of a jetty in the San Francisco marina. Created by Peter Richards and George Gonzales in 1986, this wave-activated acoustic sculpture features 25 organ pipes made of PVC and concrete. Placed at various elevations, the pipes interact with the tides, producing subtle music through the impact of waves. The best time to experience the Wave Organ is during high tide, offering a serene environment to enjoy distant drum sounds and quiet thunder while gazing at the open sea.

2. Seward Street Slides (via founds)

Nestled in Seward Mini Park, these two long, steep concrete slides were not designed for tiny tots or the faint of heart. Remarkably, these thrilling slides were envisioned by a 14-year-old named Kim Clark, with support from San Francisco sculptor Ruth Asawa in 1973. If you're up for some clean, exhilarating fun, bring a piece of cardboard to slide down these impressive chutes. Don't forget to wear sturdy pants for added protection!

3.San Francisco Columbarium (via 365insf)

A place for the respectful storage of urns, the San Francisco Columbarium, owned by the Neptune Society, is a Neo-Classical architectural gem built in 1898 by Bernard J.S. Cahill. Located near Golden Gate Park, it features art nouveau stained glass windows and memorials to local role models like Chet Helms and Harvey Milk. This serene columbarium is a testament to San Francisco's rich history and cultural diversity.

Indeed, San Francisco offers more than its popular attractions. As you plan your visit, consider exploring these hidden treasures.

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