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Perfectly Picturesque Small Towns in Northern California

Maybe when you hear Northern California, you’ll think of the small town charm. This part of the state has dozens of towns that are considered small yet full of beauty and charm.
It will be more romantic and fantastic if you will experience this stunning geography. Here are a few picturesque towns you shouldn’t miss.

Nevada City 

This pretty place is sometimes forgotten by folks in Northern California. Yet, every Christmas she puts on one of the best holiday events this state has to offer–their “Victorian Christmas”. The backdrop of this historical town shows off big time so make sure to stop by and check it out.


Sausalito (sauzalito) is Spanish, meaning “small willow grove.” Pre-World War II it was known for its shipmaking. Now it’s become an artistic houseboat community of over 400 boats.


If you’re travelling on Highway 5 northbound and headed to Oregon you need to stop here first. The most northern “pretty town” before you cross state lines. Dunsmuir has done a great job keeping their historical roots front and center. Stop by for lunch or take a little time and hike the trails to Mossbrae Falls or climb Mt. Shasta. This pretty place is intoxicating.

Bodega Bay

There’s a reason Alfred Hitchcock chose Bodega Bay for his movie “The Birds”..and it isn’t just because of the local birds. This place is beauty on steroids.


With Yosemite in your neck of the woods is it possible to be anything else but pretty? The scenery here calls to us and will continue to draw folks to see how God shows off in nature for generations to come.


Nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada foothills is this adorable gold rush town. This sweet spot on the map is worth a look-see. Rustic and woody, picturesque and majestic with the backdrop of the Sierra Nevadas.

Los Gatos

Surrounded by the Santa Cruz Mountains and in the San Jose foothills the town of Los Gatos may have gotten a lot bigger–it’s kept its small town charm. Victorians dot the area and people love their picturesque hiking trails and biking trails. Netflix calls this town home, too.

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