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Saving on Springtime Activities in San Francisco via Go San Francisco Card

San Francisco has been everyone’s favorite place to visit in California whether you live outside the state or from other country. Its appealing beauty has captivated the people from all over the globe. It’s actually more than a vibrant city; it’s more like a place where you would want to spend your vacation or summer break with your family. San Francisco has a lot of expensive hotels, restaurants and attractions to visit and enjoy. And for families who are on a tight budget might not find this economical. Good thing, San Francisco now has this Go San Francisco Card, the likes of Go Los Angeles Card, Go Las Vegas Card and Go San Diego Card. Go and grab one and save on springtime activities in San Francisco.
This money saver can be really very helpful if you know how to use it. This card is designed to give you cheap deals on San Francisco attractions. You can in fact save as much as 59% off the regular price of some San Francisco attractions, tours, museum entrances and many more.  It promises to not only save you money by giving you the best deals on your favorite attraction it also gives you the assurance that you pay nothing when already at the gate — not only a money saver, but also a time saver. 
You can choose from different options that best suits your needs. There are three attraction passes options to choose from — all tailored for your need and liking. An all-inclusive pass lets you choose from a whole day of tour up to 5days of an all-inclusive pass. A whole day of unlimited attraction passes will only cost you $79 for adults and $69 for children age 3-12 years old. Prices may vary depending on the number of days of tour you will avail. A 5-day all-inclusive passes will cost an adult $189 while for children age 3-12 years old needs to pay $149. What a steal, especially if you plan to visit all the attractions in 5 days. 
An explorer pass lets you visit 3, 4 or 5 attractions all at a fraction of a cost. You can visit 3 attractions and you only pay $71 or $57 for adult and children’s entrance respectively. However, if you think 3 attractions won’t satisfy you enough, you can avail the 5 attractions pass for only $109 and $81 for adult and children respectively. Just show your passes at the gate and you are good to go. 
Build your own attraction pass however can save you up to 20% off the regular price of each attraction. In here, you are given the freedom to choose 2 from 37 attractions that includes museum tour, a cruise or more. 
See how much money and effort you can save when you avail the Go San Francisco Card. The trick here is to visit attractions that charge higher price to get major savings. Choosing a lesser priced attraction might not be a good idea if you want to save, coz you will only end up paying the same amount as the regular price of the attraction. 
Go San Francisco Cards can be purchased at some designated locations across California. You can also get the passes on any mobile device or you can also print it at the comfort of your own home. If you are done with this step, you just have to show the passes at the gate every attraction and you are good to go.

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