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Surviving San Francisco Dungeon - A quick trip to the California's newest attraction

From the creators that brought us the world famed London Dungeon and Amsterdam Dungeon, Merlin entertainment brings to California the highly anticipated San Francisco Dungeon. San Francisco Dungeon lets you discover the well kept horrible history of San Francisco through an engaging walk through the Dungeon and experience an exhilarating trip from Gold Rush to the Alcatraz. Visitors can expect a 60-minute journey, long enough to experience 9-live scenes, each show is guided by professional actors.

The attraction boasts its realistic and state of the art technology used for its special effects. Goers will be enthralled with its 360degrees themed sets as it stage a suspenseful theatrical storytelling.

Completing the list of live shows include, The Descent, this first instalment of the 10-part show will put you at the edge of your seats as it gives you the stories of the Bay Area's dark past. Following The Descent is the Gold Rush Greed; this is will realistically immerse you into the conflicts of the natives and the new settlers as it depicts violence and corruption. Lost mine of Sutter's Mill is the third part, mirror maze and tunnels will greet the visitors in this live scene. Coming right next is the Streets of San Francisco, you will get to meet the gang leader of The Hounds, Sam, and he might teach you a thing about political persuasion. Following the Streets of San Francisco is The Court of San Francisco, visitors will likely to laugh their hearts out if they find themselves guilty of hilarious crimes as they face an even hilarious consequence. Meet the very warm but weird Miss Piggott at Miss Piggott's Saloon on the 6th part and find out why is she acting strangely. Next is China Town Plague Street, discover what the streets of Chinatown are concealing, following the government's admission of the presence of the Black Death in San Francisco. The Ghost of Alcatraz is on the long list of live shows, hear the stories behind the walls of the famous island prison.

And to cap off your exciting journey in the San Francisco Dungeon, you will get to experience Escape Alcatraz Drop Ride, this new attraction is the first of its kind in the US, offering everyone an insanely thrilling underground drop ride.

San Francisco Dungeon offers huge discounts for park goers, you can have an access to the park plus a free entrance to the Madam Tussauds San Francisco for the starting price of 24.99 per person. Special deals and discounts are also up for online ticket buyers and customers who visit the place before 1pm and after 6pm. For ticket inquiries and discounts up for grabs, you can visit their website at
Starting March 26 to April 15, 2017, park opens at 10am to 9pm except Friday and Saturday wherein the last entry is up until 10pm. All Sundays thru Thursdays of April 16 to May 25, 2017, the box office opens at 11am to 7pm for the last entry, except Fridays and Saturdays, the park opens at 10am to 8pm.

Are you ready to survive your San Francisco Dungeon journey?

Tips for the first time thrill seekers

If you hate long theme park queues and you want to maximize your tour experience, it is best if you get your tickets in advance to avoid the huge crowd or you can visit the place 15mins to 20mins before the park opens to avoid the rush of theme park goers.
Park goers need not worry about parking spaces and garages, you can park at the adjacent Fisherman’s Wharf which is just a few steps away from the San Francisco Dungeon.

Where to find us.

San Francisco Dungeon is strategically located at 145 Jefferson St #500, San Francisco, CA 94133145 right in between the all-new Madame Tussauds attraction and the Rainforest Café on Jefferson Street between Taylor St and Mason St.

For a more detailed instructions and directions you can visit their website, just go to “Plan your Visit” bar and click travel and directions.